LNG Schools' Missional Chaplains 


We are passionate about young people coming to know Jesus and for them to be an integral part of church life.

As part of the Diocese of Liverpool's Liverpool Next Generation Project (LNG), St James launched the LNG schools’ missional chaplaincy in September 2020. Matt B, Becky and John have been working at three Church of England Secondary Schools (St. Margaret’s, St. Hilda’s and Archbishop Blanch). In addition to bringing in hundreds of donuts, they have been busy running assemblies, Youth Alpha courses, and after school clubs, all aimed at helping young people to encounter the love of God despite the pandemic. They have also created prayer spaces in schools and created great relationships with staff and students. 

If you have children at any of these schools and would like more information, or want to be part of the volunteer team please contact John, Becky, or Matt!




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