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Some resources for families to help them think through race and anti-racism.

Sunday 18th July Kids home sheet on Fear (David and Goliath)
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 11th July Kids home sheet on Jealousy (The Prodigal son)
                               Weekly Activities

Sunday 4th July Kids home sheet on Worry (The parable of the sower)
                              Weekly Activities

Sunday 27th June Kids home sheet on Anger (Jesus clears the temple)
                                  Weekly Activities

Sunday 20th June Kids home sheet on Father's Day (Jairus' daughter)
                                  Weekly Activities

Sunday 13th June Kids home sheet on listening (The Parable of the sower)
                                 Weekly Activities

Sunday 6th June Kids home sheet on speaking right (James 3:2-12)
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 30th May Kids home sheet on Enemies (The Good Samaritan)
                                 Weekly Activities

Sunday 23rd May Kids home sheet on lies and forgiveness
                                 Weekly Activities

Sunday 16th May Kids home sheet on forgiveness
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 8th May Kids home sheet Jesus and his parents
                               Weekly Activities

Sunday 2nd May Kids home sheet Jacob and Esau
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 25th April Kids home sheet Jesus is alive today!
                                  Weekly Activities

Sunday 18th April Kids home sheet The great commission and Jesus' Ascension
                                 Weekly Activities

Sunday 11th April Kids home sheet Jesus appears to his followers
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 4th April Kids home sheet on Easter Sunday
                                Weekly Activities

Sunday 28th March Kids home sheet on the resurrection of Jesus
                                     Weekly Activities

Sunday 21st March Kids home sheet on Jesus' Crucifixion
                                   Weekly Activities

Sunday 14th March Kids home sheet on Jesus' trial
                                    Weekly Activities

Sunday 7th March Kids home sheet on The garden of Gethsemane
                                   Weekly Activities

Sunday 28th February Kids home sheet on The last supper
                                          Weekly Activities

Sunday 21st February Kids home sheet on Palm Sunday
                                       Weekly Activities

Sunday 14th February Kids home sheet on the great banquet
                                        Weekly Activities

Sunday 7th February Kids home sheet on the Lord's prayer
                                      Weekly Activities

Sunday 31st January Kids home sheet on the sermon on the mount
                                     Weekly Activities

Sunday 24th January Kids home sheet on Jesus and His disciples
                                      Weekly Activities

Sunday 17th January Kids home sheet on Jesus in the wilderness
                                      Weekly Activities

Sunday 10th January Kids home sheet on Jesus' Baptism

Sunday 3rd January Kids home sheet on Jesus in the temple

Friday 25th December Kids Christmas activity sheet
                                        Youth Christmas activity sheet

Sunday 20th December Kids home sheet on Christmas-Jesus is born

Sunday 13th December Kids home sheet on Christmas-Travellers from the East

Sunday 6th December Kids home sheet on Christmas-Visiting the baby

Sunday 29th November Kids home sheet on Christmas-The Journey

Sunday 22nd November Kids home sheet on Christmas-Heavenly Messengers

Sunday 15th November Kids home sheet on Christmas-The Promised Messiah

Sunday 8th November Kids home sheet on Solomon

Sunday 1st November Kids home sheet on David

Sunday 25th October Kids home sheet on light

Sunday 18th October Kids home sheet on Samuel

Sunday 11th October Kids home sheet on Ruth

Sunday 4th October Kids home sheet on Harvest

Sunday 27th September Kids home sheet on Samson

Sunday 20th September Kids home sheet on Gideon

Sunday 13th September Kids home sheet on Joshua

Sunday 6th September Kids home sheet on Moses

Sunday 30th August Kids home sheet on Joseph

Sunday 23rd August Kids home sheet on Jacob

Sunday 16th August New Wine United Kids age 0-4 
                                     New Wine United Kids age 5-7
                                     New Wine United age 8-9 
                                     New Wine United age 10-11
                                     New Wine United Our Place

Sunday 9th August Kids home sheet on Jacob

Sunday 2nd August Kids home sheet on Jacob
                                   Youth sermon notes

Sunday 26th July Kids home sheet on Isaac
                                 Youth sermon notes

Sunday 19th July Kids session on Isaac
                                Youth session on Isaac
                                Isacc story

Sunday 12th July Kids session on Abraham
                               Youth session on Abraham
                                Abraham story


Sunday 5th July Kids session on Abram
                               Youth session on Abram
                               Abram and God's promises

Sunday 28th June Kids session on Noah
                                  Youth session on Noah
                                  Noah story

Sunday 21st June Kids session on Cain and Abel
                                 Cain and Able story

Sunday 14th June 
Kids session on Evangelism
                                 Youth session on Evangelism
                                 Telling people about Jesus story

Sunday 7th June Kids session on Serving
                                Youth session on Serving
                                Jesus washing his disciples feet story


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